The Bespoke Process

Creating a bespoke piece of jewelry is a unique, exciting, and involved process. We craft each and every bespoke piece with the notion that it will one day become an heirloom—one that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Designing bespoke wedding jewelry and other sentimental pieces is our greatest honor as jewelers, as these small treasures are tangible representations of love. Because of the care and attention we put into every design, it is not a rushed or fast-paced process. It is a conversation, a give-and-take of ideas and knowledge.

This process involves a lot of trust and a lot of heart, and we look forward to every design. Before jumping into a project, please take a look at the process breakdown below! 


Our design assistants will get to know you and what you’re looking for. We’ll talk style, inspiration, deadlines, materials, budget, ideas, and anything else you may want us to know! 

Specifics + Quote

After your consultation, we will send you a wrap-up email with everything we discussed. We’ll then look into specifics like stone priorities and design logistics, and send you a quote for the estimated project price. 

Design Concepts + Fine-Tuning

Once settled on an overall idea and budget, our designer will follow up with the most appropriate concept.  We will work to perfect the design to your specifications and desires. 


Stone Sourcing

Sometimes sourcing comes before design, sometimes it comes after. Either way, we will work with our small network of trusted stone sourcers to track down your perfect gem. You will be provided with videos and photos of the stones sourced for you specifically.  If an in person viewing is a must, that can be accommodated for a $100 fee.  



Once the design is completely finalized and the stone is secured, your piece is ready to be made! Production can take up to 8 weeks in the busier seasons, so please account for this if you’re on a timeline.

Designer QC + All Yours

Once the piece is finished, it undergoes a final safety and design check. After that, it’s out of our hands and into yours. If your piece needs to be adjusted or resized, simply give us a shout and we’ll arrange for you to drop it off!


Bespoke FAQ

How long does the process take?

This depends on the length of the design and sourcing stages. Generally, the back and forth lasts between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project, but it can take longer. Production takes up to 8 weeks, so we suggest giving yourself 3-5 months of time from start to finish, just to be safe. If you need your custom piece faster, let us know, and we can expedite the process for a fee.

How much do bespoke pieces cost?

Nine Roses bespoke engagement starts at $3,500.  An idea may seem simple, but a lot goes into creating a one-of-a-kind piece, especially when done ethically and sustainably. We will absolutely let you know if your desired design cannot be created within your budget, and are happy to provide alternative ideas.

Can you use a stone I already have?

Yes! We love using heirloom stones. After your consultation, we will schedule a time for you to bring your stones into the studio, where we will examine them and let you know what we must do to make them work with your design idea. Please note we do not accept newly purchased diamonds or gemstones from other companies.  

Can I trade my heirloom stones/gold for new materials?

No, we do not buy gold, diamonds, or other gemstones.  

Will you copy a unique design I saw online?

No. As designers ourselves, we respect the work of our fellow artists. We welcome inspiration photos and ideas, but will never copy the work of another designer.

I want to melt down a sentimental piece and use the gold to create something new. Can you do that?

Unfortunately, no. We are working on making this service available, but it isn’t possible for us at this time.

Do you offer financing?

We offer 6, 12, and 18 month financing through Affirm. 

What if I don’t like my final piece?

We do our best to ensure you will be blown away with your custom jewelry, and we will not begin production on your piece without your final design approval. Because we take these precautions, custom pieces are unable to be returned or refunded.

Do you have terms and conditions I can look over?

Yes, right here!


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