Get To Know Us

Nine Roses is a small design studio that values the deeply personal connection between an individual and their adornment. Our Ethics →

Who We Are

Nine Roses is a thoughtful and welcoming design studio in Richmond VA. We opened up shop out of the desire to offer a different type of fine jewelry experience than the ones we grew up knowing. Instead of an ultra formal and sales-driven environment, we hope to make the shopping process fun, comfortable, and exciting. 

It’s not enough for jewelry to be enchanting; it must be made well, and made morally. Our dedication to fair labor practices as well as the use of recycled and repurposed materials enables us to do both. 

Fine jewelry is, above all else, a tangible expression of love. It is a distillation of a moment in time, a memory, or a feeling; and must be designed with intention. This is both what we love and what we do best, and to make these time-honored pieces our biggest honor. 



    Nick DeRosa 

    Nick grew up an artist and a beach kid. Raised in Virginia Beach, he learned to appreciate the fleeting and unique beauty of the natural world around him. Each crashing wave its own galaxy, each grain of sand an imperfect speck of dust. 

    Gathering shark’s teeth and seashells on the shore line led to the collecting more precious materials: raw gems and crystals. As he grew older, Nick discovered a love of creating tangible art objects, and gravitated to metalwork.

    A goldsmith by trade, Nick designs jewelry to last many lifetimes. Each piece he creates is a new heirloom—a piece of treasure, both symbolically and quite literally. Nick designs pieces to be at once timeless and contemporary; his clean and creative takes on classic design serve as a nod to the ancient art of jewelry making, while both accepting and appreciating the here and now. 



    The Ethics


    We only work with non-conflict stones and metals, and we do our very best to source eco-friendly materials. We also work with a small network of diamond and gemstone dealers — people we know and trust — to ensure our (and your!) standards are met.


    We want to make sure you know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it, and what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ll keep you up to date with your custom order throughout the entire process.



    We understand that choosing a piece of fine jewelry isn’t the same as choosing an ice cream flavor. Ask all the questions you want and take your time to think it over. We want you to be confident and sure in your decision.


    We offer complimentary cleanings twice a year on all pieces purchased from Nine Roses. We also offer complimentary one-time ring resizing on all rings purchased from us.


    Lifetime, baby! When you bring your piece by for cleanings, we’ll check the settings to make sure everything is fitting nice and snug. We’ll repair all manufacturing defects, but please note that we’re not responsible for everyday wear-and-tear or for damage caused by customer negligence. If you want to get into the nitty gritty, head over to our FAQs.


    Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or for someone else, we’re here for you. We’ll listen to you, laugh with you, and heave big sighs with you through the entire process.

    The Studio

    Our studio/showroom is a bright and sunny spot on Mayo Island that overlooks both the Richmond city skyline and the James River.

    We moved from a bustling retail shop on the edge of Carytown to this quiet, tranquil space because we wanted the Nine Roses experience to be an intimate, personal one. For us, fine jewelry is less about shopping and more about connecting. We’ve created a space for clients to sit, sketch, explain, laugh, and dream alongside us.

    We’ve also created a space that we feel happy and inspired working in. Rather than designing in a windowless back room, we’re now sitting in front of windows, spreading out, and bouncing ideas off one another. 

    Because of our focus on custom and original design, the studio is open only by appointment, and we encourage everyone to come by at least once during the design process. It is a happy place, and truly a reflection of who we are as a brand and a business. We couldn’t be more excited to be here.